Mechatronics study programme

Mechatronics is a modern field, which combines mechanics, electronics andcomputer sciences.

Shortly: it combines MECHAnics and elecTRONICS.

Instead of narrow specialization on one topic, student gains knowledge and skills in wide field of technology (mechanics, electric drives, electronics, control, embedded systems, programming and more). Such education is more universal, graduates are prepared to solve complex problem and primarily they can communicate with colleagues-specialists from related fields.

The attractiveness of Mechatronics lies in intensifying intrusion of electronics and computers not only to our lives, but mostly to industrial devices and systems. Use of a microprocessor often provides significant increase in utility value of a device, or production of completely new devices. Good examples of it can be ABS and ESP in cars (computer controls break force applied to wheels much faster and with better quality than human). Sewing machine with processor control system allows simple realization of many different patterns. Today’s flight control systems substantially increase maneuverability. And we could wind much more examples. There has been intensified automation and robotification of industry production recently. We can also often hear about Industry 4.0 and in those fields, a complex and wide-field education – such as Mechatronics, can prove itself to be very useful.