Dept. of Energy Harvesting and Sensing Systems – 13255

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The research group staff is primarily focused on development of alternative power sources for wireless sensorics and IoT applications. It is mostly devices producing electricity from vibrations, mechanical shocks and random movements. The application is mainly in aerospace and transportation industries. In the past years, we also focus on development independent power source for wearable electronics and biomedical applications.

Development works are based on multidisciplinary modeling of dynamical systems and verification of the results in practice. These are mainly electro-magnetic or piezoelectric devices, that can be utilized for generating electric energy, sensing and eventually for special actuation.

Within contract research and international projects, the staff solves especially development tasks and dynamical analyses of complex multidisciplinary systems, but also merely mechanical structures. In the previous years, we addressed contracts for Huawei (in cooperation with CEITEC), ŠKODA Auto, Sporten, Thrmacut, IFE-CR, etc.